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  • 情報提供How to make the candies [papabubble] 2min talkmiwaoさんのプロフィール
  • There was a crowd at a part of the shopping area in Daimaru(Department store) next Tokyo station. A candy shop had a performance to make the candies! It was very impressive performance.You can see the ancient artisanal process of candy making. A candy shop Papabubble was born in Barcelona. The staff said the candies made from 5 simple ingredients ;Water, Sugar, Glucose, Colors and Flavors.It was l

  • 情報提供Love them! Diary of PapikoPapikoさんのプロフィール
  • I’ve got my headphones and I love themSource : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073TXDB7L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_qYbXzbKZRBRYRThey’re comfortable!I can listen to books when I try to fall asleep :)

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  • 情報提供three wagons English tripbennti83さんのプロフィール
  • I bought wagons at last.Besides, I bought three wagons yesterday at Ikea.I made them from boxes last night.One will be used in a living room and another will be used in ware room.The wagons will be filled with clothes and gadgets soon .It's funny.
5位 Soyokazeさん
  • 情報提供mother's wish Creating My Future by SoyokazeSoyokazeさんのプロフィール
  • My youngest daughter will begoing back to England in a few daysto start the second year of university.While she was here for the summer,I wanted spent more time with her.But I felt distanced from her time to time... She wasn't angry, she wasn't sad.She just wanted to be left alone sometimes.I respected her feelings andleft her alone time to time.Every moment I have had with my daughter i
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  • 情報提供ハンタバル スローライフ in OKINAWApicoさんのプロフィール
  • 先日、中城村のハンタバルへ行ってきました。生パスタのトマトソーススパゲティをいただきました。相変わらず人気なようで、予約なしで行ったため、店内はいっぱいで空いてる席がなくて、テラス席でいただきました。その日は涼しく、気持ちよかったです。
7位 picoさん
  • 情報提供横浜馬車道 スローライフ in OKINAWApicoさんのプロフィール
  • 先日、姉からのお土産で横浜馬車道のお菓子をもらいました。ミルフィーユでクリームをサンドしてて、なんて…なんて…なんて私好みのお菓子なんだ!!!さすが姉はよくわかってる。美味しかったです。ごちそうさまでした。
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  • 情報提供豊田真由子議員の謝罪_2 外国語練習日記KAJIさんのプロフィール
  • As long as we see her both of her academic and professional career, undoubtedly, Toyota was “the elite of elites” in this country. Graduated from Oin Girl’s Senior High School, studied at University of Tokyo and Harvard Graduate School, then, she entered Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. While she worked for rehabilitation of Tohoku, had been heavily damaged by Great Earthquake, she got fr
9位 mickさん
  • 情報提供Control processes and AI narrow gardenmickさんのプロフィール
  • There are two control processes in a manufacturing. A routine control process and an irregular control one.At the regular control process, we set an KPI (Key Performance Indicator) objective, and collect data in a daily production. Then we check the gap between the target and the performance, and improve it. Then we go to the next PDCA cycle.At the irregular control process, firstly we define
10位 Honestyさん
  • 情報提供Various varieties of pears SmileHonestyさんのプロフィール
  • There're various varieties of pears now,and we can choose whichever we like.Each of them have good and bad points.For example, K brand is very sweet but easy to go bad.N band is very fresh and can last long,but sometimes is not sweet enough.I think we can choose whichever we likeand enjoy each taste.However, there're some people who think a certain brand is superior to others.They say,"Oh, you sh
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11位 thatrindaさん
  • 情報提供NEW YORK CITYでこういうところも見たよ! that rinda's blogthatrindaさんのプロフィール
  • ニューヨークの写真アルバム、パート#2。。。どうぞ、お楽しみくださいI LOVE NY ... in New York City with my camera    Thatrinda is stilll on the lookout for things I would never see in Japan! I found MANY!!! 日本で見たことない場面があまりにも沢山あり過ぎて。。。 Stretch limos parked on the streetLock those
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  • 情報提供The Green Curtain 外国語練習日記KAJIさんのプロフィール
  • The Green Curtain During summer season, I grew bitter gourd by sun-room of my house to make a “Green Curtain.” The Green Curtain is probably a Japan made English word which indicates growing creeper plants thick on the net to cut off direct sun light. So you can reduce electricity for air conditioner and it helps for cost saving. It was second time for me to grow bitter gourd and, frankly speak
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  • 情報提供the rhythm of the waves Creating My Future by SoyokazeSoyokazeさんのプロフィール
  • I was working on the paper this morning,studying body function, preparation for the upcoming classes...Many things were accomplishedbut my mind was very tired,it's like used up most of my energy.I stopped everything for a momentand went out side, walked to cove next to marina. I love watching the waves.It's like the rhythm of the watermakes my soul set free,encourages me to go with the fl
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17位 bennti83さん
  • 情報提供one more wagon English tripbennti83さんのプロフィール
  • The new wagon is very useful .And I think I am going to buy one more in the future .A new one is in the kitchin .I will put one more in the other room , which is a warehouse .The room is mess now .I want to arrange the room .I will go to buy it next holiday.It's funny.
18位 mickさん
  • 情報提供Diligence and productivity narrow gardenmickさんのプロフィール
  • Few people deny a concept as “Japanese are diligent.” One of the factors that scarce natural resource country Japan still sit on the third position of GDP in the world after it experienced the lost 20 years is the diligence of the nation.Nevertheless looking at a point of view of economical wealth, the diligence doesn’t always result in the wealth. Nominal GDP per capita of Japan is less than
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  • 情報提供豊田真由子議員の謝罪_1 外国語練習日記KAJIさんのプロフィール
  • NO, not that way, this bald head! After 80 days of hiding herself from public, at last, a member of Diet, Mayuko Toyota opened her mouth to explain about the unsavory scandal which was exposed by previous secretary of her office. According to him, she abused secretaries with very offensive language and gave them unnecessary mental sufferings, not only to particular one but anybody who served her.
20位 Papikoさん
  • 情報提供Sleepy... Diary of PapikoPapikoさんのプロフィール
  • I'm always sleepy.I feel like I could sleep all day and night.Because I'm an expecting mother!My husband doesn't get mad when I don't wake up with him in the morning 8-)
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22位 Soyokazeさん
  • 情報提供surrounded by love and grace Creating My Future by SoyokazeSoyokazeさんのプロフィール
  • I use to work directly under Mfew years ago.Now, I only see her few times a year.Those few times, she still try to control how others seeher and me.I have to stay above her attitudes and motivations.I'm reminding myself that other people will eventually see the truth,just like I did. I went for a walk instead of thinking about M this afternoon.In a matter of few minutes, I met one of my fr
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  • 情報提供Agenda at the board of directors narrow gardenmickさんのプロフィール
  • A director in charge of business management participated in a seminar yesterday. A lecturer, who was a lawyer and an outside director of a certain company, spoke about what the board meeting should be. According to my director, the lecturer told the participants with scathing tone that directors should discuss future of the company, not do respective issue.I’m convinced that he felt it hit a so
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  • 情報提供I like Moku Moku farm restaurants! You can taste gifts from nature. Japan Daily Life-Japanese Food, Culture, Travelcocoruuさんのプロフィール
  • I like MOKU MOKU farm restaurants (もくもく農場レストラン).They are not usual restaurants but are managed by the MOKU MOKU hand-made farm (もくもく手づくりファーム)directly. The farm is full of nature and it is in Iga of Mie prefecture.At MOKU MOKU farm restaurants the safe ingredients harvested from this farm are used mainly. There are 11 MOKU MOKU farm restaurants in Osaka, Nagoya, Shiga, Kyot
25位 miwaoさん
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27位 Rosilyさん
  • 情報提供I'll give an English lesson at my son's school. ぼちぃ〜ぼちいこかExert myselfRosilyさんのプロフィール
  • I regularly visit my son's junior high school, juggling work and chores. I manage to make time although I have a lot of irons in the fire. Why?To help junior high schoolers learn English, listening skills in particular.This is a crush course and the students I help every week are in their 3 year of junior high school. Actually, I don't t
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30位 thatrindaさん
  • 情報提供どうして良いか分かりません。。。 that rinda's blogthatrindaさんのプロフィール
  • 『私の心が悲しみ、苦しんだ時。。。 どうして良いか分かりませんでした。』旧約聖書、詩篇73 At times my heart was grieved and my spirit embittered... I was senseless and ignorant. しかし、私はいつもあなた(神様)と共にいて、 あなたは私の手をつかんでくださいました。 Yet, I am always with you, Lord. You hold me by my right hand. Y
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  • 情報提供new wagon English tripbennti83さんのプロフィール
  • I love the wagon I bought yesterday.I found out some pages for the wagon on web .A lot of people use the reasonable wagon .Some put it in the kitchen , others put it in work spaces .It is a lovely good for me.It's funny.
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  • 情報提供From Eibsee to Salem twist & turnfingerknitterさんのプロフィール
  • My apology for not updating my blog regularly. It has been a bit too hectic recently and I didn’t have much time for myself. As soon as the things are settled, I shall resume the blog properly again. Thank you … Continue reading →
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